Wiki Rewards


One of the GM Goals I have is to make the wiki something that is frequently used by players for information and to be a part of the experience.

Ideally, players are those forging the world and not the gm. So it’s only appropriate that they take the creative liberty in doing so while having it all documented on the wiki. To strive to have a hub for us all to connect on, I’ve formulated a reward system that will allow players to be reward for efforts to create and maintain the wiki.

Wiki Pages

Wiki pages all follow the same format, When making pages, please refer to this style guide:

▼ If your page is incomplete, tag it with “h1. UNDER CONSTRUCTION” at the very top

▼ Each page should use header formatted using “{color:white;background:#2c6}. | Subject | | |”. Color of font is black or white dependent on on bar color. Background is the bars color. you can use 3 characters which are either a number between 0-9 or letters a to f; different combinations will make different colors

▼ Make sure to Link to other pages if brought up and bold key words in sentences

▼ For characters or locations, try and provide pictures

▼ For more assistance, either message me or visit Wiki References

Meta Points

To promote wiki use and creation, the Meta Points system is being implemented. Meta Points are like Plot Points in the sense where you can use them to alter the plot in a direction you’d like to see. Say you want to have a tragedy occur in your life to change your views, you can spend a Meta point to see that happen.

The main idea is that as players, you may have tons of ideas for how the story should unfold. Whether its for your PC, other PCs or even NPCs, you can change the fates. Eventually, you, the players, could be creating the entire narrative.

To have something occur in the future, it costs 1 Meta Point. This may not occur directly next session but will occur in the short term future. These plot hooks could be anything. All ideas and plot hooks are subject to GM discretion. The GM has the right to refuse your plot hook and you get to keep your Meta Point.

Earning Meta Points

Any of the following will earn you Meta Points:

▼ Create a wiki page and have it approved by the GM

▼ Create an adventure log

▼ Provide Snacks for the session

Meta Knowledge

To promote wiki page viewing, if a player reads a section tagged as “META KNOWLEDGE” or with " Ψ ", the information he retains from the page is information his character knows in-game.


Work In Progress. Check back again soon!

Wiki Rewards

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