These are the themes of our Mage campaign. They are the soul of the narrative and things that you as player should be driving your characters towards.

Character Themes

The themes Zach, Warren and Garen themselves form a cycle. Warren’s Hubris, a common theme for Mage, will show the loss of contact with reality and the overestimation of ones capabilities. The true horror of Mage is what you do with great power which leads to Zach’s Tragedy. The slow decent and human suffering that leads to our final theme, Garen’s Catharsis. the emotional cleasing and extreme change that’s the result of experiencing strong emotions.

Though each character is at different stages, this cycle defines a Mage’s life and the true trauma that reality demands of them in the future to come.


The major theme of Sleeping is the idea about our reality and all its mysteries. They idea about what is manufactured by the mind and what truly exists. Ultimately the concept of reality as an object meant to be used.


One thing that comes with the search for what’s real is the lies that hide the truth. A key theme to Mage itself is its conspiracy. If people have the ability to shape reality, that power will soon corrupt. With lies comes trust. The very idea of a conspiracy is that fact that people aren’t who them seem to be.

Questions and Answers

As key players in story thick with plot twists, mysteries, and secrecy, you need to ask questions. Be inquisitive to say the least. For the ball to roll, you’ll need to push yourselves to ask questions and seek answers.


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