GM Goals


As a GM, I’m hoping to learn and better myself in the field of Game mastering and Storytelling with the experiments I perform in Sleeping. The game is a staging ground for a prolong campaign about learning from mistakes.


Characters other then PCs have never been what I always imagine them to be. That’s not to say I make bad, one dimensional characters to support the narrative, but it is an objective for improvement. A lot of the characters in Sleeping will be originally created by the PCs. As GM, adding more depth to those will be my primary role. This is due to the fact that PCs and their motivations are the driving force of the campaign.

You can expect to see each character change and grow along with your PCs.


Using the Wiki as part of the gaming medium is something I plan on experimenting with. Whether it’s uncovering more about the lore, having players create and build the world and wiki, or even finding hidden secrets between the letters, I want to create a hub for which we all go too.

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Some of the greatest moments in our RPGs have come from a “PVP” conflict. I’m not talking about Players killing each other but them being at odds over a moral choice: let one npc die so that another can live; killing an innocent person to prevent more from dying. Choice has always been a key element of Game design. It is even more so prominent within pen and paper rpgs.

The key element about choice I want to bring to life with Sleeping is the effects your choices have on the world and to really test your characters morals.

Creative Liberty

Players have often felt restricted to how much they contribute to the game. Not in a sense of being railroaded along a story but more along how much input they have when it comes to the world or what they do during play. Too often I see players be conservative with there actions, limiting it to “I take a shot” or “I tell him this”. Sleeping will often ad lib and make up facts/history on the spot. And what I mean by this is that players shouldn’t be afraid to make things up. The world was already created by you. The rest will be made by you while you play. Its also up to players to describe the events unfolding. Whether it’s how their opponent breaks a leg after a brutal kick or how their character feels after losing all hope.

I will strongly encourage players to break this mold the through out the campaign.

GM Goals

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